How to get your own SFC card

Happy investment life ♡
Hi, I’m wao.

Hey, hey.
How do you get that card we were talking about?

I’d like to get that card.
The following are the ways to obtain them.

Virtual Currency Debit Card SF Card
Purchase Procedure

Let’s take a look at the card purchase screen.

It’s very exciting.

Please read the warning carefully.
*Only one card issued per person.
Minors cannot apply.
Returns are not accepted.
It’s very popular.
It may take some time to arrive.
Register your app!
Let’s install and get ready.

Add to Cart
Let’s press the button.

I wonder if I can shop for a variety of things like this.
I’m looking forward to it!

You will need to pay for the card and shipping.
Please confirm.

Enter the coupon code

Check your shopping cart for the total amount.
Please check your discount code.

Enter the invoice details.
Place an order

※The image below is in Japanese, but it will be displayed in English.

Your order has been accepted.
Proceed to settlement.

Check the warning signs carefully.

Sending money from an exchange

I sent the money from Metamask.
Press the button on the metamask to connect it
Very easy and convenient!
Payment should be made within one hour.

Payment Complete!
If you see a green tick, you’re done.

Shipping Information
The tracking number will be displayed.

Do you understand?
Press the Good button and I’ll be happy.

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Thank you very much.♡