Download the app after getting the SFC card.★must-see★

A Happy Investment Life♡.
Hi, I’m wao.

I finally got the paperwork.

We’re getting a lot of orders.
I’ll do what I can to prepare
I’ll do what I can to prepare!

The card will be used in the application.
You’ll also receive a real card.

Identity verification is required.

View the documents that will be sent with the card.
To make a payment
I need to verify my identity.

Do you have a passport?

Identity verification (KYC) is

If you do not have a passport
Please apply for one.

Apply well in advance.

Get your passport as soon as possible.

Prepare funds.

Prepare funds on your own exchange

This is the
If you’re a regular user of crypto assets
It’s not a problem.

Check the app.

The process is as follows

The app you download becomes your wallet.
To this wallet
Deposit funds from the exchange

You can see the corresponding coins in the app.
You will see the corresponding coins in the app.
Please select the appropriate one.

Remittance Errors

Please note


The currency to be charged is
HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)

Press the “Good” button.

It’s encouraging.

I’ll be back soon.
Thank you very much!♡