SFC is a sustainable digital currency

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What is SFC?

SFC is a sustainable digital currency designed to be close to your daily life
SFC is a DeFi (decentralized finance) platform that serves as a financial ecosystem for a cryptocurrency

that is accessible to everyone.This next-generation DeFi-based financial system is free of
intermediaries and works by adopting Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as its underlying system,
which facilitates high-speed transactions at low transaction fees.

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What’s it for?

For shopping
We offer a proprietary shopping website that accepts payment by SFC. At this website, you can purchase a wide variety of products, from daily necessities to hobby goods, with SFC.

For making

SFC can be used to make payments in stores and restaurants around the world. You can also top up a debit card with SFC and use it as a payment method in exactly the same way as regular debit/credit cards.


and savings
We offer an investment feature that allows you to constantly grow the amount of SFC you hold simply by depositing it (in the automatic investment system Vault).

It has these features


Deposit and increase SFC
Use it to increase your SFC.
accumulate SFC

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Cards required for payment

SFC Card
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