I got a SFC card.How do you use it?

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Hi, I’m wao.

Hey, I heard there’s a card that can be used for crypto assets.

Hmmm… You mean the SFC card?

You can charge
SFC and other crypto assets.

Cards that can be used as debit cards
I’m excited!

How to use the card

It’s a crypto asset on CEX and DEX.
In order to actually use them, you need to withdraw them to your own account.

For example
To transfer money from Binance to my bank account in Japan

  • Handled by Japanese Exchanges
    Swap to crypto assets
  • Send money to your own exchange
  • Conversion to Japanese Yen
  • Withdrawal to bank account

    If you use this card
  • Deposit crypto assets, including SFCs, into the app
  • Convert the deposited crypto assets and charge them to the card.

What! It looks so easy!

More and more people will be shopping with crypto cards!

Preparation required

Passport required for KYC

There are many things you need to do before you can use it.
First, Shopping! 
In addition to that…

Let’s try different things.

Oh! There was a purchase procedure!

See also 
Let’s try!

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